3C Metal Belmet - South Africa

3C Metal Belmet provides heavy fabrication capabilities, innovative manufacturing techniques and local market knowledge to help further our operations in the Africa region. The South African entity’s name represents a merger of 3C Metal’s entity in Cape Town, formerly 3C Metal South Africa, and Belmet.

Belmet was established in 1968 in Cape Town, offering services in general engineering and fabrication with a focus on the construction materials industry and the marine industry. 3C Metal South Africa was established in Cape Town in 2007 to serve as an African hub for 3C Metal Group. Due to their close proximity, Belmet and 3C Metal South Africa collaborated on many projects and formed successful joint ventures throughout the years.

To formalize this working relationship, in January 2016, the head office of 3C Metal invested in a majority shareholding (51%) of Belmet’s entities in South Africa and Namibia. Belmet’s 50 years of experience in heavy fabrication services complemented 3C Metal’s core services and strategic direction.

The majority shareholding was increased to 75% in September 2019. Following the increase, the two Cape Town entities, 3C Metal South Africa and Belmet, merged and were renamed “3C Metal Belmet”. The merger has enabled 3C Metal Belmet to cater for a wider range of services and provide a larger breadth of expertise to clients.


Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Facility: 3 x 2000m² + 3,200m² pre-fabrication workshops, 10,000m² yard, 15 x overhead cranes form 500kg to 25 ton capacity.

Specialized Services: Engineering, fabrication and construction, project management, onsite installation, laser scanning, deployment, heavy fabrication, specialized welding (inconel cladded pipe, automated clad welding machine, super duplex, cupronickel).

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 3834-2


  • Large scale steel fabrication
  • DAVI CNC plate rollers HGG CNC pipe cutting machine; CNC plasma and oxy/fuel plate cutting machines; welding machines and manipulators.
  • Welding processes - SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, SAW, GTAW, STT.
  • Over 400 welding procedures.
  • Surfacing capabilities such as Stellite hardfacing and Inconel overlays for corrosion resistance using robotic welding.


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