The key driver behind 3C Metal’s innovative spirit, the development of a centralized engineering department has allowed 3C Metal to offer a holistic engineering solution to our clients. Surveys, calculation notes, design, drafting and classification society approvals, 3C Metal’s engineering capability has allowed the design of complex and intricate structural and piping solutions and their seamless integration within vessels.

Laser Scanning

Traditional survey techniques have been further enhanced by the addition of laser scanning capabilities.

Surveys onboard vessels using laser scanning technology has aided in providing accurate 3D models of intricate areas and allowing the data to be available for future requirements. The technology has also allowed for clash checks of newly designed structures and piping ensuring issues are addressed at the design phase which has drastically improved installation efficiency.

Software employed includes the following:
FARO, Leica, 3DVista

Engineering Design, Calculations and Class Approval

3C Metal provides detailed engineering solutions including classification society approvals. We focus on design of structures and piping, providing detailed calculation notes and submittal to class. Our engineering capabilities primarily include but not limited to the following: boat landings, truss and mast assemblies, spooler bridges, POU's/modules and integration, heavy duty skids, access towers, work platforms, access bridges, pipe and riser deck storage etc. We have also diversified into green technology with ballast water treatment system, Carbon capture equipment and CO2 Electrolizers.

Software employed includes the following:

STAAD.PRO, FEMAP, Ansys, CAESAR II Intergraph, STrugpro, in house developed tools (Mathcad / Excel) following ABS/DNV rules of design


2D and 3D capabilities using the latest software and enhancement technology to provide accurate and detailed drawings.

Software employed includes:
AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor products.