Working at 3C Metal

Working for 3C Metal is the start of a challenging and rewarding career, where you will have the opportunity to get involved in exciting projects.

Our business is fast paced and so is our culture, we are constantly adapting to changing conditions and requirements.

3C Metal empowers its employees to grow within the organization by taking on new tasks and responsibilities, to further enhance their learning process and career development paths.

Our People

The 3C Metal team is slowly growing and has almost 1000 people – a tiny footprint for what we have achieved so far. With offices located in eight countries, we take pride in having a diverse workforce.

There is never a shortage of interesting, complex and meaningful problems to solve, no matter what department you're in. Therefore we hire only the best talents, where drive and skills match genuine enthusiasm for result driven outcomes.

Job Opportunities

As we grow, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team, whether they are recent graduates or experienced professionals.

If you are interested in working for us please view our current openings.


Current Openings