3C Subsea

3C Subsea is a specialist division of 3C Metal Belmet. Established in Cape Town in 2012, 3C Subsea provides services for the recertification, overhaul and repair of marine drilling risers and associated capital drilling equipment. With OEMs accreditations, 3C Subsea is onestop-shop for equipment inspection and repairs.


Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Specialized Services: Riser inspection, riser recertification, project management, deployment

Certifications: ISO 9001 | ISO 45001 | ISO 3834-2


  • Mechanical repair facility in Cape Town
  • Onboard riser inspections utilizing in-house automated NDT tooling and mobile inspection solutions for capital drilling equipment.
  • Extensive equipment repair capacity (various material grade combination butt welds, parent metal/ corrosion resistant alloy overlay and machining) and mobile riser repair solutions.
  • Processing of a wide range of subsea related equipment for rig maintenance and reactivation.
  • In-situ flange machining capabilities.


To find out more about our equipment inspection and repairs capabilities, please contact us.