3C Metals core values all revolve around Safety, Environment and Quality.

Each employee of 3C Metal understands the value and importance in protecting the Environment and abiding by Safe work practices. This is most evident within the Workshop environments and during the remote deployment activities, where Health, Safety and Environment play the most vital role in each and every activity or task.

The use of Quality Management Systems is also engraved into the work practices of each individual within 3C Metal. Software systems have been developed to allow for the ease, efficiency and accuracy of abiding to the systems.

3C Metal has also invested significantly into the development and improvement of Welding Techniques and Processes to ensure it is the industry leader in this respect - developing in excess of 160 PQR’s. 3C Metal’s aim is to continue to improve and develop in this area and improve efficiency through new machinery and techniques.

Each of the 3C Metal entities also holds globally recognized and country specific Certifications.

3C Metal - Sauvelade, France

ISO 9001

3C Metal South Africa - Cape Town, South Africa

ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001

3C Metal Middle East - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

API Q1 / ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001

3C Metal Asia - Johor Bahru, Malaysia

API Q1 / ISO 9001 – Under Development/Approval
OHSAS 18001 – Under Development/Approval